We all prefer electronic communication, it’s fast and almost free but there are occasions when the humble letter still has its uses. Perhaps a client orders a service but emails keep bouncing or a phone number change means you can’t get in touch. We recognise the letter is not yet dead and have created a module that integrates WHMCS with Docsaway.com, an online service that mails letters from multiple worldwide locations.

The Docsaway mailing platform prints and posts documents from a large selection of worldwide locations resulting in a fast automated mailing solution for WHMCS correspondents.


  • Write Letter - send a letter direct to any contact direct from within WHMCS.
  • Mail Invoices - send invoices automatically via postal mail for any specified client.
  • Address Verification - automate the verification of customer addresses so you "Know your customer (KYC)".
  • Report - address verification reports page on status of customers verifications.


  • PHP 5.6 or above.
  • An active WHMCS installation.
  • A account with Docsaway.com.
  • Curl PHP extension.
  • Mcrypt PHP extension.
  • Mbstring PHP extension.

How Much Does This Module Cost?

  • The module is Free.
  • You can send TEST documents for free, test documents are not processed or mailed by printing stations.
  • Credit is required on your Docsaway account for LIVE documents, live document are processed and mailed by the printing stations. Credit is required to pay for the cost of the mailed document.

Examples Of Usage

  • Know Your Customer (KYC) with Address Verification. Banks do it, phone companies do it, even proactive web hosts do it, lets do it, lets verify your clients details! Ok, we may like to sing about this, but web hosts know their infrastructure is under a continual barrage of attacks and knowing who your customers actually are, by confirming their postal address, can add some piece of mind. Indeed, many domain registries and hosts are already adopting a KYC approach verifying addresses for new domain name registrations and hosting clients.
  • Nominet Accredited Chanel Partners. Accredited Nominet members can use the Docsway WHMCS module when Nominet is unable to verify a contacts address. By sending a letter and having the mailing address verified domain suppliers are able to meet Nominets requirements for address validation.

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