Our WHMCS Addons


Docsaway.com print and mail letters from over 20 worldwide locations. Now, with the free WHMCS addon, WHMCS users are able to mail clients from within WHMCS:

  • Automatically mail invoices (in the post) to chosen clients.
  • Write a letter to clients (useful for when email bounces prevent contact).
  • Automate address verification - confirm your customer lives where they say they live, anywhere on the planet.


The inbuilt WHMCS mass mailing tool is one way to keep in contact with customers but its functionality and template design are simple and basic when compared to the rich features of the MailChimp bulk emailing platform. 

The Modulized MailChimp addon enables WHMCS users to integrate WHMCS with Mailchimp so they can take advantage of the enhanced mailing capabilities and analytics of a professional bulk email system.

  • Automatically add clients to MailChimp mailing lists.
  • Automatically deletes clients from Mailchimp when deleted in WHMCS.
  • Editing details in WHMCS will modify the details in all associated MailChimp mailing lists.
  • Many other features


The WHMCS Tweak addon delivers functionality that is not included within the main WHMCS distribution but offers time saving benefits and the ability to offer a unique service to your clients. 

  • A simple support ticket escalation tool to automatically escalate support tickets outside core operating hours.
  • Automatically aancel invoices for the services that can no longer be reactivated or renewed.
  • Automatically close accounts that have not been recently used and have no active services.

We also welcome suggestions for further tweaks that we will prioritise and incorporate in future releases.